At laylux, we’d love everyone to enjoy the benefits of blissful sleep, every night.

Sleep is the foundation of the ‘sleep, exercise, nutrition’ wellbeing triangle and the perfect mattress is the foundation of a good night’s sleep. Without a great mattress, every effort to sleep well is compromised.

With that in mind, as sleep is a natural behaviour we spend about 1/3rd of our lives doing, we have created a range of mattresses using the finest materials from nature; sustainable in their production, durable in their everyday use and biodegradable after their useful life.

Thats why they wanted to create a mattress product that does the following:

  • Naturally promotes good sleep

  • Offers the consumer value (comfort, support and durability)

  • Lasts longer than a conventional mattress

  • Is produced using sustainable products

  • Is biodegradable


Looking to get yourself a Laylux Mattress? 

If you are looking to get yourself the finest quality luxury Laylux mattress then visit the Surrey Beds showroom located at 1 Old Lodge Lane, Purley. CR8 4DG located opposite Purley Fire Station on the corner of Old Lodge Lane and the A23 Brighton Road, less than a five-minute walk from the Reedham Train Station. You can also catch us by getting any of the 60,166, 405, 455, 466 busses to the Brighton Road/Old Lodge Lane Stop. We’d love you to pop in to the store. If you have any questions, please call us on 0208 763 1515.