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Welcome To Surrey Beds

The Sleep Specialists

We specialize in helping people, like you, get a good nights sleep. 

We aim to do this by ensuring you have a great bed, because without one, every effort you make to sleep well, will be compromised   

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Whats makes Surrey Beds different?​​

  • Your sleep is important to us

  • We treat our customers as our friends

  • Our advisers have decades of experience

  • We offer exclusive products from premier brands

  • Our suppliers are selected for their service, quality and value

  • We are the longest established bed shop in the Croydon borough

7 top tips to get a great nights sleep
  • Try before you buy

  • Beware of marketing hype

  • Firm is NOT always best

  • Spring numbers often deceive

  • Ensure it’s safe

  • Go large!

  • We’re here to help you

Frequently asked questions

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How firm should a bed be?

Why should I visit the showroom?

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