Why do you need great pillows?

Having the correct sleeping posture can seriously improve your sleep quality, and this in turn can provide you with a multitude of personal benefits including a sharper mind and a fitter body.

To achieve perfect sleeping posture, you should have a combination of a great mattress and equally great pillows.

Ideally, you should sleep on your side, this will allow your spine to remain in it's natural curve. Your head should remain in alignment with your spine, so that your neck muscles can totally relax as you sleep.

The perfect pillow will fill the gap between your head and your shoulders to support your head and hold it in line with your spine. It should also provide you with your desired level of comfort.

So, when selecting your pillows, try to find comfort and support. The third element is durability.

Once you've found and purchased your preferred pillow, keep it clean and dry.

About the author

I'm Jerry Cheshire and I have 2 stores in Surrey that sell beds. Your sleep matters so I specialise in helping people like you get a good nights sleep. You can visit my bed shops' website here www.surreybeds.co.uk

or download my

'7 key mistakes people make when buying a bed'

leaflet here www.beducator.co.uk

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