Get Comfortable This Winter With a Plump V-Pillow

Most people who now use a V-pillow can no longer live without one, they just make sitting up so much more comfortable! Anyone who enjoys sitting up in bed at night either reading, watching TV, knitting or playing on their phone or tablet will love this luxurious support. Alternatively, prop yourself up for breakfast in bed in the morning, or for your early read through the daily newspaper.

The most popular use for the V-pillow is to make reading or generally sitting up in bed a better experience. Those who are bed-bound, or recovering from an illness or accident, will welcome this type of bed pillow, as will nursing mothers, and sufferers of neckache or backache. This is also a helpful solution for people who have had some kind of surgery and find it hard to get comfortable when resting as part of their recovery.

Not only can the V-Pillow be used in the bedroom, you can use it on the sofa, or even for someone who likes to sit on the floor. It has helped pregnant mothers find greater comfort, and it is also ideal for propping up a toddler into a supported sitting position.

The V-shaped pillows from Purley Pillows are made in a specialist non-allergenic material with a durable polycotton. The colour of the pillow is white, and as this V-shape pillow becomes more and more popular, pillow cases are widely available in a range of shops, although these shaped pillows from Purley Pillows are completely machine washable, which means it can be used without a pillow case too.

Our V cushion is stuffed with a generous amount of hollow fibre filling, which makes it soft and plump, and just what you need for getting comfy when staying cosy this winter.

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