Purley Pillows in The Telegraph

Every Sunday, The Telegraph newspaper includes a magazine supplement. Last Sunday their magazine included an article by journalist Rachel Matthews entitled ‘6 Buys for a Better Night’s Sleep’ in which Purley Pillow’s Bamboo Memory Foam pillow was featured.

Bamboo and Memory Foam Pillow

A bamboo fibre outer that keeps you cool and dry filled with shredded memory foam to contour to the shape of your head and neck.

The 5 other products featured were:

Lumie Bodyclock Active 250

A light emitting alarm clock that wakes you gently by gradually getting brighter.

Jawbone UP3

A wristband that tracks what stage of the sleep cycle you’re in and records it on an App.

Valeran & Hops Herbal Bath

A liquid fragrance, containing natural oils, you can add to your pre-bed bath water to help you relax.

Deluxe Wool Duvet

A wool filled duvet. The natural fibres of wool self temperature regulate and naturally wick moisture, making this the ideal bed cover.

Creamy Camomile with Cocoa

A night-time drink for just before bedtime that will calm and relax you.

Try any of these ‘best-buys’ to help you sleep better and experience a multitude of personal benefits that only happen when you sleep properly. People who sleep well are happier, healthier and perform to a higher standard.

If you missed the original article, it’s here

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