7 Amazing Things that Happen to you Only When you Sleep Properly

Sleep is an underrated and undervalued part of our natural existence. We all do it, but what amazing things happen to you when you experience sleep of the highest quality?

  1. Your body naturally re-charges. As you go about your regular daily activities, your body uses up energy, a bit like your smart phone battery. But, unlike your smartphone, you can’t plug your body into the mains electricity to recharge it. So, your body naturally recharges itself as you sleep and recharges fully when you sleep properly. This is why you have more energy after a good nights sleep.

  2. Your damaged cells rebuild. Your body naturally repairs damaged cells as you sleep. When you have wounds or ailments these heal as you sleep. It is no coincidence that hospitals have beds and sleep is prescribed as a cure. This is why you get better quicker when you sleep properly.

  3. Your immune system gets to work. Your immune system is designed to protect you from infection and illness. As you sleep your brain emits good hormones and suppresses bad ones to ensure your system is ready to fight an attack. This is healthy and why people who sleep properly fall ill less often.

  4. You conserve physical energy. As you rest, your body relaxes and works far less. There is a part of your natural sleep cycle at which your muscles stop working completely. As you sleep you conserve energy and the hormones released by the brain help you recover from any physical assertion you experience whilst you are awake. This is why sleep is an integral part of an elite athlete’s recovery programme.

  5. Your brain flushes out waste. All of your organs produce waste as you use them. Most waste in your body is cleared by your lymphatic system, but waste in your brain is cleared by cerebrospinal fluid that is only produced as you sleep. This is why you feel clear-headed after a good nights sleep and groggy or fuzzy if you sleep poorly. Grogginess caused by jet-lag is an example of your brain not flushing it’s waste properly.

  6. You process and store information. As your body rests, your brain goes to work, collating, organising and storing information you gathered the previous day into an easily recitable memory. This makes it easier for you to learn tasks, solve problems and be creative. This is why people who sleep properly can learn quicker and are more creative.

  7. You feel great the next day. Waking up feeling refreshed, recharged and fully ready for the day ahead feels fantastic. When you sleep well you will be more productive, thus making you more valuable to your employer or business, and feel happy. People around you will notice that you are less grumpy and more fun to be around. This is why people who take sleep seriously have more fun and a better quality of life.

It always amazes me how little most people care about how well they sleep. Sleep is free and provides you with a multitude of personal benefits. To experience these benefits, you simply have to sleep better. Try it and see how you feel.

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