7 Expert Tips when Buying Your New Bed

1. Remember the ‘why’. Why do you need a new bed? Obviously, it’s to sleep in, however, your sleep quality goes up when you sleep on a great bed; a bed that suits your personal comfort and ensures you maintain a healthy posture as you rest. The better your sleep quality, the better your quality of life.

2. Lay down on a few beds to establish what makes each one different. You may not be able to tell if a bed is correct by laying on it in a store for 10 minutes, but you will tell instantly if its wrong. Select your new bed by a process of elimination.

3. Beware of marketing hype. It’s normal for you to be attracted to the brands you are familiar with. However, you may find that a bed from a brand you don’t recognise represents better value than the popular brand. Try a few from competing brands and see which one you prefer.

4. Shop for value, NOT low price. Value is represented by a combination of support, comfort and durability. Support from the springs, comfort from the fillings and durability from the quality of the materials used in the construction combined with the production methods. A durable mattress will be supportive and comfortable for longer

5. Don’t be fooled by the spring number. Many people believe buying a bed is about buying the highest number of springs for the lowest price. This is folly as not all springs are the same. This video explains.

6. Be sure it’s safe. Look for labels that indicate that your mattress meets stringent British fire safety standards (BS7177), and prove that your mattress is made in a National Bed Federation (NBF) approved factory.

7. Buy from a reputable retailer who offers quality products backed up with a quality service. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to take your new bed home in your car, so be sure to book a delivery service. Some shops include delivery in the price of your bed. If you have an old bed that you need to be disposed of, try to find a shop that also includes a bed re-cycling offer.

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