7 Luxury Fillings Found in the Worlds Finest Beds

Lambswool Young lambs provide particularly fine, soft and fluffy wool. The first shear is considered to produce the very finest wool used in ultra high grade textiles. Cotton Cotton is a shrub plant grown in many sub-tropical regions of the world. Cotton’s natural moisture wicking properties make it the perfect material for mattresses. The durable fibres are soft to touch, breathable and absorbant. Merino Wool Merino sheep grow an especially soft and bouncy wool. Merinos have to be shorn and their coat is dense and fluffy. Some of the best Merino wool comes from Australia. Mohair Mohair, an ultra fine, silky fibre, has a naturally luxurious feel. It’s renowned for its shiny lustre appearance. Mohair is the coat of the Angora goat and is removed by shearing. Most mohair we use in the bedding industry comes from South Africa. Cashmere A cashmere goat will naturally shed its coat of supersoft, silky feeling fibres, and the goats are often combed to obtain the finest fibres. Cashmere wool is far finer than sheep wool. Cashmere originates from Kashmir, Pakistan but the largest producing country for cashmere wool now, is China. Horse tail Hair Horse tail hair is very long and can be twisted to make a strong, resilient, spring-like fibre. Cow tail hair is similar. Most horse tail hair used in UK mattress manufacturing originates from South America. Silk Obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the silkworm. Silk is particularly cool in hot weather and feels soft and smooth. Most silk is farmed in China.

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