Simba and Eve. A Mattress for All?

Congratulations to Tom Teichman and his investors including Innocent Smoothie founder Richard Reed. They have teamed up with marketing guru John Hegarty to launch the ‘one-size-fits-all’ mattress brand, Simba. They, along with Jas Bagniewski and his team at Eve Mattress are attempting to revolutionise the way mattresses are sold in the UK.

Using the successful concept which is known to work in the USA, Simba and Eve have brought to market a product they each consider to be the perfect mattress.

Is this a victory for marketing over product? Mattresses have tended not to change much over time. There are many well-known brands in the UK, that if you were to compare their current product to one of 50 years ago, they would be similar.

Back in the early 90’s memory foam mattresses became the ‘next best thing’, after a Swedish mattress company launched high quality, high density, memory foam mattresses here in UK. Over time, cheaper copies, of much lower density, came to market and the consumer was led to believe that these cheaper mattresses were the same as the original. It has since transpired that the market for memory foam mattresses has evolved and memory foam is now viewed by the consumer in a less favourable light. Traditionally made sprung mattresses, good before memory foam came along, and still good today, are making a renaissance.

The UK mattress market is ready for a new ‘next best thing’. Enter Simba and Eve.

So, if you don’t like shopping, want a choice of 1, don’t want to compare the market and are happy to only know what you’ve bought when it’s actually on your door step, you’re in luck!

A mattress is arguably THE most important piece of furniture you’ll buy. You’ll use it for about 8 hours in every 24 and the support and comfort it offers you is vital to your health and well-being. Therefore, if any purchase you make should be a considered purchase, your mattress is the one.

Of course in an era of digital revolution and ever increasing e-commerce online shopping, there is a market for Simba and Eve. I’m sure both will thrive, especially over the next 8-10 years (the time most people keep their mattress). What will be interesting is if those that buy a Simba or Eve today replace it with another, or will their popularity wain like that of 90s memory foam?

Will Simba and Eve replace the bed brand establishment in the mattress market? I doubt it. They’ll run alongside for a while. If you’re a discerning buyer, who wishes to invest in your own health, then the high quality, hand-finished, traditionally made sprung mattresses with natural fillings remain your best option. These products are designed and proven to offer you the comfort and support necessary for you to consistently achieve high quality sleep.

After all, sleeping well is key to a life of happiness, good health and high performance.

Your Author, Jerry Cheshire is a National Bed Federation award winning bed retailer. Follow him on twitter @thebeductor or visit him in his Surrey store, Surrey Beds.

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