University Beds: Don't Hinder Your Ability to Learn

Why having good beds at University can help you learn

So you’re preparing to go off to University. Expensive isn’t it? Many students are borrowing money to finance their degrees , so getting value for your money vital. You’re investing not just money, but a few years of your time with the goal of learning and achieving a good grade in the end.

There are many things to consider when preparing to leave home and take up residence in halls. But one of the really important considerations, and one that is very often overlooked (actually not considered at all in most cases) is how well one will sleep whilst at university.

This article from Harvard on ‘the learning process and sleep’ comprehensively explains the correlation between sleeping and one’s ability to learn. Basically, it tells you that the better the quality of your sleep, the easier it is for you to learn.

With this in mind, take a look at the bed you have been supplied within your halls of residence. As a parent of two graduates, I know from experience that the halls usually contain very basic mattresses which prove to be so uncomfortable that your sleep will be impaired. It shouldn’t be that way, but that’s the reality.

So, when you’re making a list of items to take with you on your new adventure into the world of academia, add a good mattress.

The mattress, we took to halls, was a single Memory foam mattress by ‘Breasley’. The great thing about this mattress is that is comes rolled up and vacuum packed (as per this video), which means it will fit in your car for easy transportation. This mattress is ideal as it is firm and supportive. It is also durable so will perform to its maximum for the 3-4 years you’re at Uni., and it represents exceptional value. We actually bought ours home at the end of the course, but some people leave them behind. You’ll decide whether to keep it or not based upon the condition of the mattress and your circumstances if it has some further use to you.

Surrey Beds at Purley have a service where you can order the mattress by phone and have it delivered directly to your halls. They also carry stock so you can pick one up and take it with you.

Your author, Jerry Cheshire has an award winning bed shop in Surrey and has been in the industry for over 26 years. Follow him on twitter @thebeducator

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