Surrey Beds: Why do we Sell what we Sell?

Surrey Beds are a leading independent bed shop and a destination for many who want to buy their beds in Croydon, Surrey and beyond.

The great thing about being independent is that we can pick which brands and products to stock and I’m often asked why I choose to sell the brands that I do.

The priority when choosing any product to stock is to think firstly about how happy our customer will be with their purchase. We recognise that the reason our customers are buying a new bed is enable them to sleep well each night.

The 3 key considerations when buying a bed are comfort, support and durability, so every product is selected not only to be supportive and comfortable, but to be supportive and comfortable for a long time. See our blog '7 Expert tips when buying your new bed' here.

Surrey Beds have been trading since 2001 and sold over 25,000 beds and in this time we have learned that information available to our customers doing their own research is commonly influenced by biased marketing, out of date or wrong.

Not all pocket springs are the same size. Not all memory foam is the same grade. Not all beds are manufactured to the same standard and not all beds will display clearly what’s inside. We know how each bed is made and what makes each bed different.

With this in mind, I scour the market to find the very best product in each category, thus doing the research for you. I do this by visiting factories, attending trade shows and buying products to trial in-store.

At Surrey Beds we prefer our customers to receive their bed in perfect condition on day one, and consider dealing with customer service issues as an activity to avoid for both our customers and ourselves. Therefore, the quality of the products we stock is of paramount importance. We select products that are well made with high quality components. We do of course treat every customer service issue with urgency and importance and endeavour to have them resolved as quickly as possible.

Every product we sell is manufactured in a National Bed Federation approved factory to the UK’s stringent fire safety regulations using certified safe fillings in safe production systems. Many beds contain foam fillings like memory foam, medical grade foam and latex. It’s vital that these foams comply with the CertiPur-EU standard.

When you buy a bed from Surrey Beds, our aim is to reassure you that you are buying a great bed, primarily so that you sleep well every night, but also in the hope that you will recommend us to your friends, family and connections.

Your author is Jerry Cheshire, Director at Surrey Beds, Reedhams and creator of @thebeducator.

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